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The following examples show how our clients have successfully used our solutions for their scenarios to assist them in their decision making processes


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Sky City Convention Centre

Commercial Fire

The largest commercial fire in New Zealand at NZ International Convention Centre led to a large scale disruption in Auckland with multiple organisations......Read more

Takanini Fire

Commercial Fire

Over 20 Fire Trucks from across Auckland were used to fight a major fire at a Commercial property in Takanini. Laser scanners and a UAV were used to quickly capture the damage at the scene......Read more  

Construction Sites

Site Documentation

Reduce the amount of time spent walking an entire site for the purposes of Inspection and monitoring.....Read more  

Domestic House Fire


Coming Soon  

One of the most exciting aspects of using UAS for auto accident investigation is the compelling nature of the final models that can be produced.  It is possible to recreate a three dimensional colour scene in which you can change your point of view to any location within the scene -- whether or not the UAS actually capture any photos from that location.  It becomes possible to answer questions such as "Would the traffic sign have been visible from this location?" or "Could a witness have had a clear view from where they were standing".  In court, such models should be much more persuasive that two dimensional line drawings or primitive animations  

Waikato Farm

Farm Environmental Planning

Farm Environmental Plans (FEP) are a requirement in the Governments freshwater proposals. Innovative Intelligence works closely with experienced Farm Environmental Planners to provide aerial maps for farms.....Read more  

Vehicle Scene documentation

Criminal Defence

Coming soon  

Our photo realistic maps provide a digital record of your site or premise. The maps can be easily embedded into websites for viewing on desktop or mobile devices.

Perfect for site orientations, briefings or event planning!  

Schools and Organisations

Emergency Planning

Emergencies can happen at any time. It is important schools are prepared, have a plan in place to respond to emergencies, and practice the response to these to minimise the effect to students and staff......Read more  

Technology Partner

FARO Empowers Innovative Intelligence with comprehensive & accurate 3D Investigative evidence....Read more  

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Digital record of your site or premise

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