Innovative Intelligence

Takanini Fire

Fire Investigation

A total of 22 fire trucks from around Auckland were called to a commercial building fire on Inlet Road, Takanini and battled flames for almost two hours before it was brought under control.

Innovative Intelligence Ltd were engaged by Insurers and assisted the Factual and Origin & Cause Investigators to record and capture the evidence at the scene.


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Scene Capture

UAV and Laser Scanning

The scene was completely destroyed from the fire and the efforts to extinguish the fire. The damage made it extremely difficult for investigators to determine what was and was not important at the scene. A digital record of the scene gave the investigators the luxury to study the scene away from site using the laser scan data. 

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Digital Record of Fire Scene

By recording the 3D coordinates of the fire scene it allows investigators to view the fire scene from different angles and review any physical objects that may be overlooked and have suddenly become important to the investigation.