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Criminal Investigations

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Criminal Investigations

Highly detailed 3D models of a physical environment

Models can be used in courtroom presentations to interactively and accurately bring the jury to the crime-scene. Creating a full colour walk through enables barristers to immerse the jury in the scene and illustrate the paths of people involved in the cime, providing a more compelling argument over simple photographs.

Fast 2D Floor plan Mapping

2D Floor plans

IWe can quickly obtain as-built floor plans of buildings for threat assessment, pre-incident planning, fire protection engineering or 2D as built documentation.


We have over 15 years experience investigating both criminal and civil proceedings in New Zealand and overseas. We specialize in Insurance Investigations focusing on Return on Investment results! Our services include:

- Insurance motor crash claim investigations

- Insurance vehicle theft claim investigations

- General Insurance Claims

- Surveillance

- Staff Activity Monitoring

- Criminal Defence

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