Innovative Intelligence



Innovative Intelligence Ltd is a fully licensed private investigation company providing services in all private and corporate investigations within New Zealand and abroad. We also specialise in utilising Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology and Laser Scanning to map actual scenes so they are preserved in 3D with detailed information within centimetre accuracy.



Our Services

The Innovative Intelligence Team offers significant services to assist you in your Criminal, Civil or Investigation cases.


We specialise in all forms of Private, Commercial and Legal Investigations. Our experienced team knows how to work quickly to obtain accurate results.


We can quickly capture crime scenes in 3D using our Laser scanner to provide an exact record of the scene.

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3D Scanning & Modelling

2D Mapping

We can obtain a current 2D plan of any building with photographs. The floor plan can be turned into a detailed pre-incident plan or threat assessment.


Hamish Williams


Our Managing Director Hamish Williams is an experienced investigation professional with a highly developed skill set specializing in the areas of commercial and general private investigations.Hamish joined the NZ Police in 2001 experiencing all facets of policing including investigation roles within the National Clandestine Drug Laboratory Response Team and leadership roles in the Special Tactics Group and Armed Offenders Squad. He has experience in planning, managing and executing all types of operations in both low and high risk environments.After ten years in the Police Hamish continued to develop his leadership roles taking up a Directorship in a cloud-based software company before continuing within the Private Investigation sectorWith an interest in technology, Hamish began to document scenes using UAS technology (drone) for legal analysis, criminal defence or use in trial. The detailed 3D-maps or fly through animations were used to assist in gaining a real perspective for crime or accident scenes.The techniques used in capturing the scenes can be used in a variety of industries today. From crime scenes to construction and is a highly efficient way to collect and analyse geospatial data.