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Sky City Convention Centre

Fire Investigation

On the 22nd October 2019 a fire broke out on the roof of the New Zealand International Convention Centre in Auckland, New Zealand causing major disruption in Auckland Central City.

Multiple agencies were engaged to assist in the investigation into the cause of the fire and subsequent planning for clean up and restoration of the building.


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Scene Capture

UAV and Laser Scanning

A UAV and Laser scanners were deployed onsite to quickly capture the damage to the roof and top floor of the building. A 3D Model and 'Scene2Go' viewer was produced primarily to assist in the investigation into the cause of the fire.

The outputs were shared across the multiple agencies including Fire, Police, Major Insurers, Origin & Cause Investigators and Factual Investigators to assist in all aspects of the enquiry.

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Major Benefits

"It has provided such great benefit to our experts and internal stakeholders" - Lead Insurer

Capture at speed

In a complex fire scene the laser scanner easily captured details and spatial relationships at speed. This is a huge advantage for the investigators as you not only have the visual images but also the dimensions.


Having the scene entirely captured enabled investigators to correct oversights not only in the field but also in their analysis. The 3D model shows the scene exactly as it was when it was captured, this allows for analysis, hypothesis testing and can make the investigators work much more reliable.

Correct oversights

Inform stakeholders

Visiting the site was restricted and had to be managed due to the hazardous environment. After the scene had been captured we were able to present this to the lead insurer which easily gave them an overall perspective and understanding of the fire scene.