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Emergency Planning

Our 3D models and site maps can assist by integrating into your Emergency Response Plans. The maps can be made accessible to‍‍‍ ‍‍‍Emergency Services for rapid response to threatening situations.


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Scene Capture

3D Maps for Emergency Planning

We are proud to partner with leading Emergency Planning Consultants Harrison Tew‍‍‍ to assist in their crisis management plans. Our models can are integrated into your online Emergency Response Plans which can be accessed by emergency services

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Major Benefits

We plan and execute a non-intrusive Data Acquistion Plan to obtain images of the school for processing into data outputs.

Assist in training and Site Orientation

Integrate your Emergency Response Plan with our Maps to assist in training and real time scenarios. Maps can be used for Site orientations for parents and staff


Emergency Services and Response Co-ordinators can have access to maps for quick decision making

Quick decision making

Inform stakeholders

Improve Insurance Claims Management by assessing damaged areas faster and more precisely, as well as providing indisputable documentation as to the state of the property.