Innovative Intelligence


Monitor more efficiently

Reduce the amount of time spent walking an entire site for the purposes of inspection and monitoring.  

Create annotations on our 3D models to mark issues and notes for efficient follow up. Have the added bonus of creating complete visual record of the site's progress.


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Make Decisions Quickly

Stay informed

Measurement tools can be used help your team make more informed decisions about everyday site issues.

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Major Benefits

Save money, reduce downtime and improve safety on construction projects

Document site progress

3D Models and photo documentation is a great way to ensure the accuracy of your project. Also, if disputes about the work come up the documentation help to quickly get to the bottom of things.


Keep your customers informed as they can't always conduct a physical site visit. Our 3D models produce an effective way of updating stakeholders and can reduce stress and improve business relations. The models can also assist in communicating specific aspects of the construction progress which can become technical and confusing.

Increased Communication

Liability Protection

Anytime a dispute arises, the amount of evidence and documentation you have can make or break your argument. We have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars by identifying issues which have occurred prior to site constructions starting.


Get the full picture of your job site from a birds eye helping you catch issues you might not notice at ground level.

Aerial Perspective

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle